Questions & Legal

  1. Who can use the GeoTraq module?
    Anyone who needs to simply track an asset or know when a specific event has occurred via a sensor attached to our device.
  2. What is a module?
    A module is a combination of hardware and firmware (software) interconnected to provide a complete solution for an intended purpose in a single form factor. Our module combines Cell-ID communication capabilities with the firmware required for the module to communicate over cellular networks to a back-end system with data that was sent from the module. We offer a back-end system to provide this information or our system can be connected to your system to supply you the data.
  3. How do I order a module?
    Give us a call or complete our form on the site. We’ll reach out to discuss your needs.
  4. What is the process to get the module working?
    The module as a simple tracking device can be made available with just a battery, sim card holder and an antenna. Add an enclosure and you’re all set. All of this can be done with no soldering. If a sensor is required, simply connect the sensor (still no soldering) and configure our device firmware to meet your specifications. We have a community of developers who can provide end-to-end assistance if required.
  5. Is there a reseller program?
    We are always looking for the right partners to grow our business and yours. For more information, give us a call or fill out the form on our site. We’ll get right back to you.
  6. How much does the module cost?
    There are several factors that determine a price per module, one primarily being how many modules you intend to purchase. To get an accurate quote, give us a call.
  7. Is there international coverage?
    Our module works with our provider who provides ubiquitous coverage in 193 countries via over 500 partners.
  8. How can GeoTraq increase operational efficiency?
    Data sent from our module can let you know if something is not working, needs attention or where the asset is located. With this information you can avoid needless “truck rolls” to inspect your assets. The cost savings of this one example are significant. For more details about how GeoTraq creates operational efficiency, give us a call.
  9. How can GeoTraq reduce the risk of loss for my assets?
    By knowing where your asset is several times a day, you can determine if the asset is where it is supposed to be. If the asset is lost, you can find it as well. An additional benefit of using this module is it will likely lower insurance premiums since you’re more likely to recover a lost or stolen asset since when you are able to know it’s location.
  10. How is GeoTraq different from other tracking devices?
    GeoTraq stands alone in how it communicates simple data when you need it. Most other solutions are constantly streaming data in which 90% of the data is not necessary. Most applications businesses need simply require notification a few times a day or when a specific trigger or event occurs. That differentiator results in huge savings in terms of data storage, battery life and the total cost of ownership of a finished device.

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