Welcome to the Cell-ID Revolution

GeoTraq is leading a revolution in the personal tracking industry by using Cell-ID with all its inherent advantages over GPS to provide solutions for a great variety of tracking applications. GeoTraq is developing and marketing one of the world's smallest, least expensive and most user-friendly personal tracking devices with the longest battery life in the world. This patent pending module is easily adaptable for many different applications making GeoTraq the "one-stop-shop" for custom tracking solutions.Our proprietary technology is based on Cellular Triangulation is a process by which the location of a radio transmitter can be determined by measuring either the radial distance, or the direction, of the received signal from two or three different points. Cellular Triangulation is sometimes used in cellular communications to pinpoint the geographic position of a device on the network.

Long Battery Life

Cell-ID devices are programmed to wake up at specific times to report location resulting in low power consumption which allows for long operational times on a single battery charge.

Extremely Small Size

Cell-ID devices do not support cellular voice or data channels which results in a much smaller electronic footprint, much smaller form factor and greatly reduces the complexity.

Very Low Cost

Cell-ID devices require very few electronic components which are neither esoteric nor in short supply greatly reducing the cost of design and manufacturing.